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Visitors to Australia on New Year's Day increased by 246% compared to National Day, and the average hotel occupancy rate exceeded 67%

Date: 2021-01-07

On January 6, the Macau Tourism Office announced the latest data on tourism to Macau in 2020. The data includes the recent New Year’s Day tourism and hotel performance.

Data shows that during the New Year's Day period from December 31, 2020 to January 3, 2021, the average daily number of tourists to Macau exceeded 21,000, and the average hotel occupancy rate in Macau during the New Year's Day exceeded 67%.

Specifically, from December 31, 2020 to January 3, 2021, the average occupancy rate of hotel venues (hotels and apartments) was 67.2%, of which the average occupancy rates of three-star to five-star hotels were 73%, 69.9% and 67.6%. From the price point of view, the average price of hotel establishments (hotels and apartments) is about 1127.6 yuan (MOP, the same below), of which five-star hotels are about 1447.7 yuan; four-star hotels are about 701.1 yuan; three-star hotels are about 694.2 yuan; A two-star hotel is about 250.3 yuan; the average price of an apartment is about 243.9 yuan. The overall average room price is up 7.6% from October 2020.

During the period, the distribution of tourists was still dominated by mainland tourists: the number of inbound tourists from the mainland was 19,629 per day; the average daily inbound tourists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and international were 1,368, 242 and 3, respectively. Provisional data from the Macau Public Security Police Department revealed that on December 31, 2020, the number of tourists arriving from Macau recorded 30,747, a single-day high in the past 11 months.

Previous Fliggy data showed that as the first outbound travel city to resume endorsement, Macau’s travel restrictions and epidemic prevention measures have been gradually improved, and the popularity of Macau’s tourism has continued to rise since September. The number of visits has increased by 246% over the 2020 National Day period.

Hu Jingguang, chairman of the Macau Tourism Industry Council, said: The number of free travellers to Macau has recovered to 60% before the epidemic, and mid-to-high-end tourism products are popular. According to past experience, there must be more tourists arriving during the Spring Festival than on New Year's Day. If the epidemic is controlled, it is expected that the Spring Festival will usher in a new high for one-day passenger arrivals after the epidemic, and the number of single-day inbound passengers is expected to return to 35,000.