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Xiamen International Convention Center Hotel (International Conference Center Hotel Xiamen - China), Hotel fascinant Xiamen Golden Bay Road (Xiamen Golden Gate) avec son style ambigu, proche du 28e Festival du cinéma chinois, à plus de 10 km de xiada, South Putuo, shapo Taipei, Hongxin - Jing, Xia Gu port, Gulang Yu débarquement et ainsi de suite.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.La première rangée de la tour de l 'île est sans pare - brise avec de beaux paysages de mer, la terrasse panoramique de la mer surplombe la mer charmante et veille au lever du soleil en mer; la configuration de la salle est hyper thermostatique, avec des nuages bleus et des nuages blancs à l' extérieur de l 'intérieur et de l' extérieur de la salle de gymnase en verre.Vous pouvez également vous souvenir de la marche en briques d 'or ou de la belle course sur la piste de paysage de xiaMA.La salle des festivals nationaux, la cuisine, la vaisselle, les plats de qualité, les cuisines et les services sont de grandes briques d 'or.En tant que destination de la grande conférence de Fujian Hôtel de marque, l 'honorable Brique d' or rencontre la salle des festivals nationaux, la salle sans colonne d 'une superficie nette de plus de 2400 mètres carrés peut accueillir 1 500 personnes.Hotel de l 'EuropePlus d 'une dizaine de cabines de précision privées dans le restaurant chinois d' Ascension proposent des plats de luxe et de Canton sélectionnés, plus de fruits de mer pour le voyage de régal.Le monde de 500 entreprises à construire le Groupe de développement sous le drapeau de l 'hôtel, un service chaleureux pour créer de la qualité de briques d' or héron Island time.
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  • Galileo
    Wonderful experience, and her husband on their wedding anniversary, free upgrade to a suite, the room was beautiful, very complete facilities, there are a lot of unexpected small intimate, panoramic Windows with large terrace can run, swimming pool is very clean very Southeast Asian style, in a quiet place-
  • Was in high spirits strong
    Very good hotel.
  • e00033263
    Hotel in beautiful scenery, service and facilities are very good, transport is not very convenient, drive, then never mind. will stay next time.
  • E02010582
    Room was very clean, decorated and cozy, will stay again.
  • i_eric
    Meeting in the downstairs, for convenience, the set here, and hotel prices are not cheap, hotel facilities were good, five-star standard. turns out, meeting near the principle is correct.
  • molii333
    Hotel great location nice hotel very close to Xiamen airport around, very close to the exhibition centre services on business preferred but not on the Internet continued to live
  • liu62235588
    Not rooms by the sea's too small
  • celiamao
    A good environment, good service
  • CindyYang11
    Very good!
  • elaine0721
    Apart from further away from the area, and other first-class
  • seprinna37
    Which is very nice
  • blueeye1005
    Environment is very good
  • bjdong
    Nice hotel
  • lemenluo
    Great location, great sea view, it is recommended
  • feifei020
    Overall feel fine.
  • EvaRen
    Sea view rooms are small, but with a balcony was added, uber price a bit expensive and breakfast for one, uber breakfast and buffet meals, hotel room still needs to be improved, does not meet five-star standards
  • delpiero0920
  • cavencai
    Can feel.
  • darlinlee
    Also very convenient to see the sea from the sea, very recommended hotel, hotel of the restaurant is nice, small hotel is the food location is near the Convention Center, convenient to attend the meeting, overall good
  • e00026989
    Well, came here.
  • denisluo
    Luxury hotels
  • miyu_y
    Met met can't get in the car, matching almost around, others are very good.
  • fansgu
    Hotel is very good service very professional facility benefits of remote is a nice quiet new night taxi is very much
  • a8nesta
    Clean, hygiene, the environment is good, very close to the exhibition and the island ring road
  • jumpopop
    Facing the sea, nice
  • liyanbiao
    Because of the physical discomfort the doctor in the Middle, the hotel staff help, very warm, caring for late check out.
  • slience888
    Convenient. environment. service. price ... good location ... very satisfied. multiple occupancy
  • peter_dong
    Booked many times, Nice in every way.
  • cxlpanda
  • lostwww
    Sea view balcony is great, Oh, environmental service is also very good.
    We only live one day, near from the sea, baby love, can play on the beach, said to come again.
  • Alla1314
    Good taste cuisine are also very
  • sunpluser
    First arrival date, forgot to buy fruit and drinks in the lobby, next to the front desk immediately after consulting make up, not bad!
  • rentinglix
    Standard five-star, better in every way, an outdoor swimming pool is very good, the only is a little further away from the city, eating is not very convenient
  • jianglan584520
    Hotel is quiet and suitable for car rental travel. breakfast. outdoor swimming pool is great!
  • mary2205
    Which is very nice
  • Benny3116
    Hotel near beach, but away from urban slightly somewhat far, to airport taxi about 40 Yuan, from mountain Street taxi to hotel, costs about 40-45 Yuan. Hotel clean, service also compared good, inside in the restaurant consumption slightly your, dish of appearance does can't compliment, also taste bias, recommends hotel outside go far points dinner. near beach of seafood Museum, price than gulangyu of seafood small museum also to high 1 time times more, not know whether beach of to fresh points does.
  • lmj007
    Very good, clean and tidy, the food is great, the special evening buffet in the morning, front desk didn't say, come again first choice!
  • e00115089
    Fortunately, the second stay.
  • fenter_ren
    That's good
  • geogrid
    Island ring road is ideal for exercise, Marathon very well. only pity is all over no life support. in the near future in construction, a bit noisy.
  • irisliu
    Good, cheap traffic, good choice! next time I want to live here.
  • ArielGennie
    Really good, service health and the surrounding environment are very good.
  • caoliman2010
    Close to the sea, very quiet. swimming pool Super, very good ... recommended.
  • lgdbbtj
    Well, next time you will choose.
  • jtwjg
    Good good good good good good good good good good
  • jsjdlf
    A bit far from attractions
  • balaunited
    Transport facilities close to the hotel, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. waiters are warm, will stay again.
  • faye7086
    A very good environment
  • e00086881
    With five-star a little distance