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International Conference Center Hotel Xiamen - China has a charming charm of Xiamen's Jinwan District (Xiamen Golden Gate). It is adjacent to the main venue of the 28th China Golden Rooster and Baihua Film Festival. There are more than ten kilometers from Zengyu and the boarding point of Gulangyu on the Xiamen-Drum Pier. Opposite the hotel is the high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship central business district, the consulate area and the Xiamen International Finance Center. It is close to the China Piano Concert Hall, the Shanghai Minnan Theatre with a few characteristics and a number of emerging luxury business districts. Eat, drink and have fun.

The first row of uncircumcised islands on the Huandao Road is unobstructed by a line of luxurious sea views. The whole sea landscape sea terrace overlooks the charming sea and waits for the sunrise on the sea. It is equipped with an indoor large constant temperature, outdoor wide blue sky and white clouds landscape double pool and a large floor glass garden landscape gym. You can also take a picture of 'Braking on the Brick Walk', or run beautifully on the Xiamen Coastal Scenic Track.

The banquet hall, kitchen, tableware, cuisine, chef and service are all BRICS masterpieces. As a large-scale conference destination brand hotel in Fujian, it has a distinguished and elegant BRICS meeting banquet hall, with a pillar-free net height of 8 meters and an area of more than 2,400 square meters, which can accommodate 1,500 people for banquets. The hotel can take out tens of thousands of people to take out, holding official takeaway licenses.

Tong Ya Xuan Chinese Restaurant offers more than a dozen private and exquisite private boxes to provide selected Taiwanese and Cantonese dishes. There is also a seafood buffet restaurant to satisfy the taste buds. The hotels of the world's top 500 companies under the Jianfa Group, warm service to create BRICS quality Ludao time.
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  • julie999
    Meeting are convenient, just next to the others.
  • xueyun79
    Nice, pleasant climate, business trips, feels more comfortable seaside beauty NET closed eyes, gulangyu island 40 minutes, 20 minutes to the airport, very convenient, breakfast is very good.
  • ibmanet
    Nice hotel, nice environment, Windows is the sea, us
  • Paulo weight loss
    Traveling living environment service is relatively good
  • cao1986
    Is a good easy
  • dawnsun
    Which is very nice.
  • jefflui
    Compared with the other hotel and Conference Center, this hardware, services, and supporting restaurants are very good.
  • Anita7600
    Lie, the beach is actually far and poor Beach stinks!
  • bell68
    Which is very nice
  • borpy
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? .
  • Dragonlove
    Clean, good location.
    Very good!
  • gftreee
    Nice, quiet location, health is also good, will stay again
  • pingo1976
    Swimming pools are free, practical requirements of guests each paid 30 Yuan for the swimming CAP, said the previous day hanging room, no next day, say two units
  • e00091647
    The hotel is too expensive
  • fanny542001
    Come to Xiamen for the first time, staying in the hotel for the first time, environment, services, and facilities are good.
  • yoursryan
  • bjxin0613
    That's good
  • mouse_j0408
    Good sanitation and hotel facilities were excellent! meeting from our Convention Center is just a few steps, very convenient!
  • CAT520FU
    Very good family room, a big bed, a small bed, located in different rooms. for families with children break.
  • E00476942
    General, hardware, services,
  • elsyn
    Very close from the sea, the environment is also good. buffet type more, children like.
  • GallenLai
    Hotel facilities very good, swimming pool very clean. rich breakfast, staff was very helpful, very satisfied
  • guccilia
    Emergency arrangements after the sale, OK ... no complaints.
  • songec
    Which is very nice
  • jevons74
    Environment is very good, not far from the airport! beach is nearby! enough is to check out a bit earlier in General is like a 12:00 hotels
  • daitingxuan
  • foundmount
    Hotel profiles unique, services, facilities, is an ordinary star in every way.
  • Doraemon
    Very comfortable rooms, in addition to air conditioning a little bit loud
  • cat898
    Good ... price point. environment
  • Baby Gu
    Beautiful environment, excellent service, which is Xiamen's window.
  • lmyxue
    Environment is very good, room is relatively new, public transport is not very convenient
  • beetoes
    Hotel services very formal, in place. hardware is also very good the room., breakfast good service. overall satisfaction.
  • gary251
    Very good of hotel, staying four days Seaview room, hotel appearance quite tall Shang, service enthusiasm, a to has, hotel door child on to we drive door, mention luggage. room layout great, partial administrative, may to here meeting of people more, but is clean comfortable, bathroom wet and dry separation, Wei with are is Kohler of, bathtub is big. most like hotel of balcony, open, placed with tea, chairs, sat in balcony tea see sea is comfortable. go of when put earrings lost in hotel has, playingPhone past, hotel timely put earrings to I Express home, also sent I a makeup mirror, is fine. Hotel away from sea is near, on ten minutes around's, next also has built sent building, inside many restaurant, can meet General dinner needs, underground also has a small supermarket, can buy specialty. on's, hotel of earlier type rich, taste or, anyway, is is satisfaction of staying experience, recommended.
  • lijuan0907
    Room was large, the scenery is also good, breakfast very good, swimming pool, there are two, one for indoor and outdoor, deficiencies are far from attractions and surrounding restaurants less, overall I feel pretty good, meet five-star standards
  • jenny95541
    Very quiet, the service is also very good, but the price is not cheap!
  • Lynn_Lee
    Very good hotel! recommended!
  • laurenyu
    Nice reasonably priced is the bed was too small
  • Silence_moment
    Nice hotel but the waiter service is very general, not at least help me with my luggage.
  • interpreter1010
    High floor, sea view nice, very nice
  • lujingui
    Hotel is very good, service satisfaction. room was very good, very close to the beach. kids love the pool. will come to live in the future. hotel limousine are also very good.
  • luanjing871014
    Hotel, service very good. is expensive, and prices had risen more than 1 time.
    Very good
  • slima
    Setting of the hotel is very new, Deluxe landscape well. good breakfast. the only fly in the ointment is walking distance to the beach and the Convention Center are a bit, about a 15-minute walk.
  • E02774610
    Live of Seaview room, environment quite good, with balcony, in balcony Shang blow blow sea breeze quite comfortable, hotel supporting facilities also compared complete, has indoor outdoor pool, also has child dedicated pool, considered five-star. but hotel service General, although surface Shang service can, but General not special enthusiasm, hotel has a Taiwanese accent of driver also compared cattle, tone is hard, but last day sent machine of driver attitude also fine of. health conditions is only do cosmetic, see with areVery clean, but the toilet paper was dirty, the overall feeling of the hotel in General, should not stay after.
  • guojeff
    Help family, everyone says Yes
  • geniis
    Very clean, comfortable, next time will also take into account
  • louisa_cai
    Very satisfied.
  • Anitine-tt
    Hotel is great, fresh air, and the traffic is very convenient, the hotel is very quiet, breakfast was health and wealth!
  • merrycn
    Hall health-good satisfaction