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Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel) is located in the charming Huandao Road of Xiamen Jinwan District (Xiamen Jinmen), adjacent to the main venue of the 28th China Jinji Baihua Film Festival, and more than ten kilometers away from Xiamen University, Nanputuo, shapowei, wanghong Xinjing zengcuolong, XiaGu wharf and Gulangyu boarding point. Opposite the hotel is the gathering place of high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship Central Business District, Consulate Area and Xiamen International Financial Center, close to China piano concert hall, Shanghai style Minnan Grand Theater and a number of emerging luxury business circles, enjoying international level art performances with Beijing and Shanghai.
The first row of Huandao Road is a line of luxury sea view without shelter. The whole sea view is the sea dew terrace overlooking the charming sea, waiting for the sunrise on the sea; Equipped with indoor super large constant temperature, outdoor super wide blue sky and white cloud landscape, double swimming pool and super large floor glass garden landscape gym. You can also take a picture of 'walking in memory of BRICs' or take a beautiful run on Xiamen Malaysia coastal scenery track.
The state banquet hall, kitchen, tableware, delicacies, chefs and services are all made of BRICs. As a large-scale conference destination brand hotel in Fujian, it has a magnificent BRICs meeting and state banquet hall, with a clear height of 8 meters and an area of more than 2400 square meters, which can accommodate 1500 people. The hotel is capable of catering for tens of thousands of people with official take away license.
There are more than ten private and exquisite boxes in Yaxuan Chinese restaurant, offering a selection of Fujian, Taiwan and Guangdong dishes. There is also a seafood cafeteria to meet the taste buds. The hotel of Jianfa group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, provides warm service to create the quality of BRICs and the time of Heron Island.
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FAQs when booking at Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel)
  • How far is the hotel from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport?

    Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel) is 9km from the airport.

  • Does Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel) offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel)?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel).

  • Does Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel) have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel) have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel) offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel) accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel) accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel)?

    Each costs cny80 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Xiamen International Conference Hotel (Prime Seaview Hotel)?

    The room prices is from cny1242, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • advaldo
    excellent! Absolutely super first-class hotel! Enjoy the check-in process!
  • xinmengyuan1986
    The living environment for business trip is good, and the service is also quite good
  • e00091647
    A good hotel is more expensive
  • mr.bean
    Very comfortable, very clean, very good service
  • cc_11
    not bad
  • grooving
    The location is average and remote, so I can only take a taxi; After all, it is a five-star hotel, with good service facilities and service attitude. However, it should be a poor five-star hotel, and the prices of accommodation and meals are very expensive. Ordinary families travel abroad, which is not cost-effective and cost-effective. If it is out of tolerance or reimbursed with public funds, it can be recommended.
  • mouse_j0408
    Good, the sanitation and hotel facilities are great! It's only a few steps from the conference center where we have a meeting. It's very convenient!
  • e00026916
    Not bad, the breakfast waiter can't keep up with the speed of collecting plates!
  • baby603332
    As always, it's quiet, clean and convenient
  • jin4452
    A good hotel has a strong business nature. It is not suitable for home tourism. There are many shopping malls around, so you can go shopping. There is airport transfer service. It would be perfect if the check-out time were more flexible!
  • Candy0215
    The hotel is not far from the airport, about 20 minutes by car. At the hotel, the hall is very elegant. There are free swimming pools and gyms available in the hotel. The hotel faces the sea. There is also Minnan grand theater next to the main entrance of the hotel, which will put some stage performances. Like the Poly Theater. There is also a large shopping mall on the right hand of the hotel. It has just opened. There is free wifi. There is a tea and a seat in it. With meituan or public comment coupons, it is more affordable and the service attitude is very good. The hotel faces the sea, and the sailing center is across the road. If possible, it is very comfortable to walk, run and cycle on the beach. It costs about 40 yuan to take a taxi from the hotel to Xiamen University; It's about 28 yuan to zengcuolong. To Dongdu 37 yuan. In fact, our strategy is not good. There are buses that can be transferred, but it takes too long. It's inconvenient for us to take the children. Dongdu to the hotel, we wanted to take the sightseeing bus around the island, but there was no sightseeing bus around the island at 16:30. Go to the main road, take bus No. 87, get off at Pearl Bay on Huandao Road, and take a taxi of about 20 to the hotel. Generally speaking, although the hotel transportation is convenient, it takes a long time on the bus, and there are many people in the peak tourist season, so it may not be crowded. In fact, the hotel has pick-up and drop off flights and free buses to the urban area, but the reservation time is small, so we need to make an appointment in advance. We didn't know that until later. We sincerely hope that when passengers check in, the front desk will inform them in advance, or stick a big notice board like Wuyishan Yuehua hotel. I would also like to remind you that the hotel has a QR code, which should be scanned in advance. There will be coupons inside. We ate two meals and spent more than 100 per capita. We didn't use coupons because we didn't know. Overall, I was very satisfied.
  • davyjones
    The location of the hotel is quite quiet. It is very close to Huandao Road. The environment is good. The rooms are very good overall. This is your second stay
  • anne19827
  • poplan
    The location of the hotel is good. I feel that the room is a little small and the mattress is not easy to sleep. The WiFi signal is so poor that it can hardly be connected in the room. I have to rent another router.
  • rain102300
    Good environment
  • apple800327
    Hotel away from downtown, very quiet, facilities are very complete, breakfast is also relatively rich, a good hotel.
  • capsissa
    The lobby of the hotel is very large, the reception lady is very polite, the room is very comfortable, the scenery of the sea view room is good, but there are no shops around, it's a little biased, but it's very close to the airport. You can get to the airport in 20 minutes
  • Mylvping
    Some rooms are small, other aspects are good
  • freyacai
    TV remote control is not available without WiFi
  • cy1970
    The hotel has nothing to say. The environment and sanitation are excellent. I brought the children out to play. The children are really worried on the balcony. There is a gap between the balcony and the balcony in the next room. My children can just pass by. It is not safe. The gap under the balcony railing is too large. It is not safe for children. Everything else is super good.
  • tencom
    it 's not bad
  • andy8108
    very good
  • ibmanet
    Good hotel, good environment, open the window is the sea, beautiful
  • Anita7600
    Deceptively, the beach is actually far away, and the beach is very bad and smelly!
  • nannan1922
    I ordered one night, but I stayed for three nights. The environment of the hotel was OK and quiet, and the traffic was very convenient. The room facilities were average, the price was a little expensive, and the breakfast was OK. If you have buffet Chinese food for dinner, you have to go to the Convention and Exhibition Center Hotel. If you take the room card, you can get a 20% discount. After that, 177 yuan per person is still a bit expensive, but there are many things that are also very fresh.
  • anwww
    Very good
  • e02348560
    The hotel is very beautiful and the location is special. Come back next time!
  • daitingxuan
  • leexianxu
    Convenient, the surrounding environment is very good, you can do morning exercises, the surrounding buildings are very modern, business and culture, and you feel happy
  • pawnee
    not bad
  • E04915080
    After two days, it's not bad. It's very convenient around. Opposite is the yacht club. It's also very close to zengcuo'an
  • jnice
    It's convenient to eat. It's around the island road. It's good to walk at night. The hotel is also very good. I'm satisfied
  • joenny
    It's a very high-end hotel. The environment and facilities are very good. You can consider going there in the future
  • yetony
    not bad
  • lijuan0907
    The room is large and the scenery is good. The hotel has a good breakfast. There are two swimming pools, one indoor and one outdoor. The disadvantage is that it is far from the scenic spot and there are few surrounding restaurants. The overall feeling is good, which meets the five-star standard
  • davejong
  • yujie8410
    The meeting is in the conference center, so I chose to book this hotel. The scenery is speechless. The concierge service was also good.
  • Amber_vivien
    On the whole, it's good. There's a problem with calling a taxi. The hotel has interests in this regard. It's basic to keep asking where to go and don't take a shortcut.
  • lung1904
    The price is OK
  • Smudge
    The room is big, clean and advanced, but it's too far away, and it's a little strange that there's no one in the lobby at night. There are few security guards in such a large hotel. This should be improved.
  • lifan25
    Good, good! 5-star evaluation
  • Tracywangge
    Sea view room can see the sea feeling is very good! The price is not cute
  • alanto
    The service was very professional, the location, the environment and the free breakfast were great! The Bay View Suite is spacious with excellent interior decoration and facilities.
  • elenawong
  • axius
    The location of the hotel is very good, the internal layout and facilities are excellent, and the service of the hotel is also pretty good, but there is one detail that needs to be improved: the kettle of boiling water, the inner bladder is actually plastic, so a five-star hotel can save so much money? Generally speaking, the cost performance is very high!
  • abtme
    The environment is pretty good, but the food around is quite good. I have to drive
  • merrymc
    Asymmetry between price and service
    Good environment, reasonable price
  • boieng
    The overall environment is pretty good. It's a little far away. The swimming pool is very good
  • flufly
    not bad
  • raysum
    Location is not really good
  • gosetubai
    I booked one on the fourth floor and one on the eighth floor. Obviously, the scenery is much better. But at the beginning, I arranged my non special room on the special room floor. Fortunately, I asked him to change it when I checked in. The service was good, but the check-in time at the front desk was too long.
  • nag211
    It's a surprise that the hotel has an outdoor corridor, which is very clean! The scenery is good. It's just a little off the side, close to the beach.
  • jimmylim7776
    Good environment
  • little F
  • jsm0201
    I reserved a room in the sea. The view of the seaside on the veranda was the best. There were a variety of breakfast Vikings, and I didn't get tired of three nights. The room was clean and clean. The front correspondence was also kind. It was good to have a bath tub and take a bath slowly. However, there was no convenience store around the hotel, and it was a little inconvenient to go by taxi for about 5 minutes to do a little shopping.
  • angle1102
    The hotel that left us good memories, beautiful sea view, clean swimming pool, rich breakfast, beautiful environment and warm service made us feel the best. With the improvement of surrounding commercial facilities, it will be better in the future.
  • E02062161
    The Bay View Suite, no matter the room facilities, the scenery outside the window, the hotel breakfast, or the service attitude, is perfect. I will check in again next time!
  • amyyx
    Very satisfied with the hotel, very tall
  • jlicr
    OK! Clean, quiet, good! OK! Clean, quiet, good!
  • liuyu19851218
    Overall, it's good. Superior geographical location, the hotel is warm, clean and tidy; The service provided by the waiter was considerate and friendly. There were also fruit gifts. It can be said that it was worth the money.
  • e00155032
    The room facilities are good. The special room is a little small. There is no food around
  • Lynn_Lee
    Great hotel! It's worth recommending!
  • cat898
  • malvinmu
    It's nice to see the moon rising from the sea in the room.
  • e01140972
    Meeting in the International Convention Center is the best choice. It meets the requirements of the five-star hotel in all aspects. The service is very good. From the doorman, lobby, front desk, guest rooms to various restaurants, the service is the most commendable. It is worth mentioning that the balcony of the guest room. It is a rare enjoyment to have a rest on the balcony after work. Before staying in this hotel, I stayed in Xiamen Harbour indiger Hotel, and I am a platinum card member of IHG. In terms of service, I don't feel better than the International Convention Center Hotel!
  • star67
    The hotel is very new, the room faces the sea, very beautiful!
  • bennee
    Next time you go to Macao, you must choose this hotel. It has new facilities, good service and good location. It's just 10 minutes by the sea. It's very cost-effective. This time, Yuehua, who stayed for two nights, decided to stay in the conference center in Xiamen!
  • fedilai
  • classy_momo
    comfortable and nice view