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Fatal accident at Genting ski resort

Date: 2021-01-06

The occurrence of safety accidents will have a greater impact on the reputation of ski resorts.

News of fatal accidents at Miyuan Yunding Ski Resort (hereinafter referred to as "Yunting Ski Resort") in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, has been fermenting in various "ski circles". On January 5, the official WeChat account of Secret Garden (Zhangjiakou) Tourist Resort Co., Ltd. announced that a male skier was injured in the ski resort yesterday and died. In this regard, many netizens questioned that the skier was suspected of tripping over the exposed wires in the resort, so there may be loopholes in the security measures of the resort. Experts say that skiing does have certain risks, and ski resorts need to continue to increase safety protection, and from the perspective of ski enthusiasts, it also needs to be carried out step by step to ensure safety.

Specifically, according to the official micro-announcement of Yunding Ski Resort, on the morning of January 4, a male skier fell 100 meters from the bottom station of the No. 6 ropeway of the ski resort. After the rescue by the ski patrol team, in January At 12:05 on the 4th, the injured was sent to the Chongli District of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical College for emergency treatment, but he was eventually dead. The ski resort also stated, “After the accident, the local police and relevant departments have intervened. At the same time, it also reminds skiers that skiing is a high-risk sport, so please pay attention to your safety.”

However, the above notification did not "appease" the majority of ski enthusiasts. Since yesterday, multiple accident photos taken by ski enthusiasts on site have been widely circulated on social media. From the photos posted by netizens, it can be seen that there were obvious exposed wires on the snow road where the accident occurred. According to people familiar with the matter, the man who passed away was a high-level skier and had many skiing experiences on high-level tracks. There are also ski enthusiasts who told reporters from Beijing Business Daily that usually the cables of ski resorts should be buried deep in the slopes, but according to the pictures on the Internet, the cables have been clearly exposed, posing a greater safety hazard.

The ski enthusiast further stated that there are several possibilities for the electric wire to be exposed. In addition to the insufficient depth when the wire is buried, the shallow snow production is also one of the possible reasons. "At the same time, although there are two crossings near the wire from the picture The stick serves as a warning, but the reminder is small and the distance to the power line is very close. If the skier approaches at a faster speed, it is difficult to stop even when seeing the reminder at a close distance.” In addition, there are consumers to Beijing A reporter from the Chinese Commercial Daily revealed that the infrastructure of the Genting Ski Resort really needs to be improved. I encountered a lot of problems when I visited recently, and the experience was not good. "Now many snow friends in the ski group have proposed that they are ready or have been ski facility."

In the opinion of Li Xiaoming, chairman of the Beijing Ski Association, the occurrence of safety accidents will have a greater impact on the reputation of ski resorts. “For ski resorts, safety is the first priority, and operators need to further strengthen their awareness of the subject of safety responsibility. The safety measures should be measured from the perspective of consumers and the safety of ski resorts should be inspected in real time. At the same time, relevant departments need to improve the relevant regulations and standards of skiing as soon as possible, especially the safety standards, so that operators and law enforcement There are laws to follow with consumers.” He also reminded that with the further popularization of ice and snow sports, relevant departments need to increase safety education and publicity, and consumers also need to abide by relevant regulations and choose suitable ski resorts according to their actual level. Protect your own safety. "(* Article source: Beijing Business Daily)