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Crystal Orange plans to expand to 400 hotels within three years

Date: 2021-07-09

It is reported that the "new crystal" has added a whisky lounge, urban reception room, professional gym and laundry room, and at the same time, also added "30 seconds check-in 0 seconds check out", robot delivery and other standardized intelligent services.

Cao Juan said that since the trial operation of the Changfeng Business District store in Shanghai, the store has received a lot of praise, less than a month after the opening of the store, almost every day to achieve full room, RevPar is more than 600 yuan.

Crystal Orange 2.0 is targeted at the new generation of business customers and can accept 600-800 accommodation standards. At the same time, Orange Crystal 2.0 also formulated a "three-step" development strategy. In the first stage, Orange Crystal completed the brand positioning transformation from a leisure hotel to a business and travel hotel. In the second stage, the new orange crystal will be the focus of Huazhu Group's development in the middle and high-end hotel sector in the next 1-3 years. In the future, Crystal Orange will be located in the core properties of the first and second tier developed cities, and strive to reach the scale of 400 stores in about 3 years. The third stage is to build a flagship store and boutiques of Crystal Orange.

In addition, Huazhu also said that in August, the North Bund, will release a new light-colored orange crystal 2.0, also contains the whisky lobby, but the design elements will be a little different, the rooms are now all standardized. Next year, another version of Crystal will be released in Pudong, possibly combining the previous two versions.

It is understood that in February 2017, Huazhu acquired 100% of the shares of Orange Hotel Group for 3.65 billion yuan. Before the acquisition, Crystal Orange Hotel was popular in the industry due to its design sense. Now after the upgrade, it also means that the target customer group of Crystal Orange Hotel will be transformed from personalized leisure customers to younger business travelers.