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No nucleic acid proof to go out of the province Shenzhen flights search volume increased 130%

Date: 2021-07-07

In the next half a month to a month, Shenzhen will return to normal summer passenger flow.

On the evening of July 5, the Information Office of the Shenzhen Municipal Government announced at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control that from midnight on July 6, citizens of Shenzhen will not need to hold a 48-hour negative nucleic acid certificate to travel to the province. After the news was released, many Shenzhen residents began to look forward to the summer vacation, and tourists from other provinces also added Shenzhen, Foshan and other cities to their itinerary. The big data of the same journey travel show that from the night of July 5 to July 6, the search heat of inbound and outbound flights in Shenzhen increased by 130% compared with the previous month, and the attention of local scenic spots and hotels also increased.

From the end of May to June, the COVID-19 occurred in Shenzhen and neighboring cities such as Guangzhou, Foshan and Dongguan, which had a certain impact on the local Dragon Boat Festival and summer tourism markets. Cheng Chaogong, chief researcher of Tongcheng Research Institute, said that at present, policy changes have had a significant impact on local residents' willingness to travel. With the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, non-local tourists will gradually regain their confidence in traveling. In the next half to one month, Shenzhen will return to normal summer tourist flow.

Data shows that Happy Valley, OCT East, Window of the World and other theme parks in Shenzhen, which are popular attractions for parent-child travel in summer vacation, will see a peak in summer passenger flow. Yangmei Pit, Jiaochang Mei, Xichong Beach and other open space coastal resort also attracted the attention of tourists.

In order to meet the needs of users in the summer travel, recently, the same journey accommodation, transportation, attractions and other business began to launch the summer promotion, to provide tourists with large red packet, 50% discount tickets and many other preferential benefits, to provide users with quality travel services. At the same time, TongchengTravel also reminds users who plan to travel during the summer vacation to pay attention to the epidemic prevention and control policies of the destinations and regions they travel through, make reservations in popular scenic spots as soon as possible, and wear masks in public places to ensure personal health and safety and smooth travel during the holiday.