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The high level of appearance, the peak summer travel season in xiamen Hotel bookings by more than eighty percent

Date: 2018-07-24

In addition to the Spring Festival, National Day golden week and various small long vacation, summer is xiamen's peak tourist season.In recent weeks, huandao road coastal scenery, had adjacent An art van, attracted a large number of visitors, especially on weekends, tourism more exuberant.But also led to the tourist season in xiamen hotel accommodation peak.
The high level of appearance environment to attract a large number of tourists

21, at four o 'clock in the afternoon, in the loop on baicheng beach, is full of tourists come to visit.Dig sand at the beach and catch crabs in the rock, swimming in the sea, everyone in this sea day, bright blue xiamen beach, feel the "slow" time in the weekend.Many visitors said that summer choose xiamen tourism, HTC xiamen high levels of appearance and environment.

Hebei tourists Lau: (xiamen) a is a beautiful scenery, one is want to look at the sea came, then this cleaner, city more clean, more delicious.

Quanzhou tourists Mr. Lin: the whole environment is good, traffic was still a lot of, the sea breeze is very comfortable, the weather is quite good.

Shanghai tourists Mr. Sun: it's nice in general, these days the weather is good, environmental services are quite good.

From adjacent An entry, it seemed that a picture of an people mountain people sea.Tourists in taste, in a variety of network red the clock photos in the store, feel the charm of "China's most fishing village of literature and art".

According to have adjacent An of literature and statistics, since the beginning of this summer, has adjacent An tourism popularity has been high, the family hotel occupancy rate of more than 9, the average daily traffic remain at around 80000, weekend peak traffic but also broke through 100000, and the basic flat foot traffic during the Spring Festival, National Day golden week.

Nanping tourists China woman: today is the second time I have to adjacent An tourism, here a lot of literature and art shop is quite distinctive, and also has a lot of red net store, we're all very fond of traveling to a place like this.

Ms. Zhang: hangzhou tourists from hangzhou to xiamen, we feel good, here people are still quite warm.

Hotel bookings by more than eighty percent

In addition to scenic spots, the hotel accommodation peak summer.Reporter from lujiang hotel, Thai valley, jal hotel star hotel learned that since the beginning of this summer, hotel room bookings rising, the occupancy rate has exceeded eighty percent, many popular room is close to full house.Several star-rated hotel, said an official with the summer hotel occupancy rate has increased by 2 to thirty percent than usual.